Edmonds Clean Sweep

Edmonds Clean Sweep
Originally uploaded by Cory Permack
What a great day to spend with our friends from Twitter helping Ethos Dev (aka Peter Kefalas of Bella Living) clean up Edmonds community in Burnaby.

There was a slight debate around the virtues of suggesting a neighborhood needs cleaning up from a marketing point of view - especially when you're trying to sell condos like Bella, but I think we established well today that when friends and community members come together its extremely positive for everyone involved!

Any Developer who is willing to organize and contribute the way the Bella developer Peter Kefalas did is making a strong contribution to his community.

I'm a big fan of the corporations who can remember their community and I believe strongly that Edmonds community is going to be that much stronger for having Bella condos development! The Kefalas family is dedicated to building strong relations and I'm sure will continue to be active members! Other developers should take note!

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  1. I completely agree helping clean up your area is always a positive note marketing or not. the ability to bring people together form all across the lower mainland is a big achievement.... KUDOS