What Matters?

Nothing like a disgusting battle with cancer and ultimate early defeat to put things in perspective.

We get so focused on complete ridiculousness, debating whether this presidential candidate is more trustworthy than the next; raising the bar and improving our industry; heads down and convincing ourselves we're doing the work that matters. 

Ultimately its all BS. 

Values; Principles; Legacy.  Love.

At the end of my days I highly doubt I'll remember any of those silly debates that seemed oh so important and fascinating at the time…I revel and indulge in 'ideas' and intellect but really - who gives a f***!

What matters is ~

Did I live well?…

Did I improve the lives of the people around me?
Did I make a difference?
Did I make it easier?
Did they feel loved and appreciated?
Did I make them laugh?
Did they feel supported?
Did I inspire?
Did I serve?
Did I spend more time focused on others?

Did I leave the world a better place?

Pretty sure after I'm gone they won't spend much time thinking about how RIGHT I was on any given subject although I sure seem to spend a lot of time trying to be right. Note to self: Give head a shake!

Let's talk about what matters and screw the rest. Life is short.

RIP Clint.


Vision and Getting Clear

WOW! This morning on our #BrandTribe chat we discussed the importance of having a "Vision"! So now I have to come clean!

Yep ~ you guessed it....I don't exactly have one.  Yes I know...

"Teri! How can you go around preaching the importance of having a vision 
when you don't even have one?"

Totally valid.  Here's the thing: I've been going through a GINORMOUS transitional period this year.  If you know me and have been following my activities this year you've witnessed some BIG changes and have probably thought to yourself a few times 

"WOW! That girl is all over the place!"

I'll admit it.  At times it's been painful how scattered I've been.  I've attempted and failed NUMEROUS times as I've struggled to identify my true purpose; passion and new direction.  I've relied on my amazing friends (#PWE3 gals!) my mentors and my real truth talker My Husband, to help me get clear move past my own limiting beliefs and begin to take steps towards a more authentic and genuine ME.

So it is definitly time to write my own "Vision" or "Painted Picture".  Moving into 2012 I want to be LASER FOCUSED!

My amazing friend Laura Monroe (of Creative Agent Solutions - Real Estate Marketing expert~ who is also building my new Wordpress website THANK GOODNESS!!) sent me this video after this morning's BrandTribe chat and it fits perfectly!  Titled: Why Everyone Needs To Brand Themselves ~ Enjoy!!