Meet Darin Persinger - Coach to the Realtor Stars!

I signed up to attend Agent Reboot Seattle long before I was asked to speak there, and one of the major reasons was so I could meet this guy! Darin Persinger is someone I follow religiously online because he is such a wealth of knowledge - not to mention charisma! He offers valuable content to Realtors previously known as "Productivity Nuggets" and now "Productivity Pearls" - mystery to be revealed in the video! ;)

He mentions a couple of key concepts in building your online presence:
1. Amplify and
2. Echo

He also references a couple of other guys I deeply respect: Mr. Michael McClure of Professional One Brokerage out of Detroit (my co-presenter at Agent Reboot) and Mr. Dale Chumbley - Realtor Extraordinaire from the OTHER Vancouver (Washington) who is becoming quite famous for his "365 things to do in Vancouver WA" FaceBook page! Check them all out and learn from the Masters!

If you have any burning questions for Darin about how to build your presence online - post them here and we'll make sure Darin responds!

(And for fun I've added my fave video of Darin's!  I must admit - I've been guilty of 'no flyers in the flyer box'! I'm a work in progress Darin. :)


Awesome Experience At Agent Reboot

This past week I was given the great honor of being asked to speak at Inmann News' Agent Reboot Conference in Seattle by the one and only Nicole Nicolay. It was such a thrill to finally meet Nicole in person  (and you'll see me gush in this video interview!)

I was nervous as hell but super excited to be presenting with the incomparable Michael McClure founder of Professional One brokerage out of Detroit named #1 brokerage of the future!  They really get it and Michael is a fabulous speaker! 

We were so well matched with identical philosophies and shared gurus that we try to emmulate and who inspire us!  Were were excited to discover that we're both huge fans of Simon Sinek whom we've both blogged about before and who my partner in RedBarn Group Ken Hunter and I founded our entire concept around.
My new best friend Nicole! @nik_nik
Sharing thoughts about Social Media for Real Estate
Me, Nicole Nicolay, Michael McClure and Tom Everitt

One of the main themes of the day was about building relationships and taking the 'online - offline'. 

I cannot emphasize enough how meaningful the connections have become once we have met in person.  Michael said: "It's like meeting old friends
for the 1st time".  So true!

I also had the fabulous good fortune to meet Dale Chumbley who is an amazing Realtor from the other Vancouver - in Washington!  He's doing some amazing creative things down there with his 365 things to do in Vancouver WA.  We took some great ideas away from Dale's presentation!

Chris Smith - Founder of Tech Savvy Agent was another killer speaker who shared all kinds of fabulous tech tools for the savvy Realtor!  Totally super guy and was thrilled to meet!

I actually referenced in my presentation and was REALLY excited to meet Darin Persinger founder of Productivity Junkies who is a Realtor coach who offers amazing content and tips and tools on a daily basis!  He has an amazing grasp on the future of Real Estate!

Dan Keller is a morgage broker who is out of this world!  I LOVE what he's doing!  He sooooo gets it!

The long and short of it is I had the time of my life!  If I never make another dime in this industry I have been so fortunate to meet and learn from some of the most amazing people!  Thanks all!

(special thanks to my personal cheering squad who joined me in Seattle - my hubby Tod @AvionicsMan; my RedBarn Group partner Ken Hunter; Calgary Realtor Kelley Skar and Tom Everitt affectionately known as ThinkTomDotCom)


Hitting the Big Time!

Marianne Williamson, spiritual leader and author of "A Return to Love" and "Age of Miracles" to name a few has said:

"Our Greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure."

I would debate that and say that my greatest fear is actually becoming so self serving in my pursuit for success that I forget who I am!

I have recently been asked to speak at an Inman Conference called Agent Reboot in Seattle this month about my"journey towards a progressive Web strategy using social media" along side some very prominent speakers. 

My ongoing internal battle is being able to discern the difference between feeding my ego (its fun to be popular!) and building something truly valuable.  It seems that when you're on the 'right track' towards success, doors start opening and your opportunity to push your boundaries and challenge yourself and grow can often be shadowed with the glow of admiration and really .... 

There is nothing worse than someone who thinks TOO HIGHLY of themselves!

And therein lies my fear but my family and friends continue to be my grounding force and help me stay focused and on task.  They encourage me to pursue more, and remind me that the opportunities lie with all the amazing people I meet and all that I may learn from them!  Reaching higher so that I may surround myself with those who are more knowledgeable than I.

"Our aim should be SERVICE not Success"  - anonymous
 So here's to humility and providing valuable service to my clients and my peers by utilizing my own personal power and the opportunities that are presented to me.  I hope to help you as I've been helped by so many others!