Nurturing Your Inner Entrepreneur!

I'm a big fan of local entrepreneur/businessman Cameron Herold, of 1-800GOTJUNK and now BackPocket COO (a Business Mentor/Coach for growing companies).  I first heard him speak live at my Real Estate Board Education Week where he left me both inspired and driven to work hard to build my dreams into reality and to seek opportunity.

He recently spoke at TEDx Edmonton (TED Talks are conferences meant to share ideas and has become one of my favorite discoveries!) about the need to nurture entrepreneurial traits in our children.

I'm dedicating this blog post to my three children Jesse, Devon and Ellen and encourage you to See It Big and Keep It Simple (SIBKIS as my own entrepreneurial father would encourage!) and remember that I believe each of you has the ability to achieve greatness - whatever that looks like to you!


There's something going on that has been nagging at me...a sort of little tug here and there.  Sometimes its's so subtle that I hardly notice it....sometimes its glaringly obvious...but inevitably, especially in the Real Estate business, you're going to have to deal with the ugly truth.  People can be so greedy!

I often speak about the next generation's 'entitlement issues' but I have to say - I see it quite a bit in this generation as well. 

All too often when working on a deal we see greed creep to the surface, where the Seller wants the most possible money and the Buyer wants to pay the least amount.  There's this false sense of 'I must get a deal'.  I'm sure there's a whole psychology behind the need to 'beat' the other party and feel like you won.

In this Realtor's opinion there is room for both parties to get fair value for their dealings without having to 'screw' the other guy. 

Fair Value.  Just a thought.