Give some time

Well I've had one helluva year - first my father in law died on my wedding day in Mexico in April and then my dad was killed by a bison while out for a morning walk while visiting a friends' ranch in August, and just this month my mother in law had 2 heart attacks.

Now I only bring it up because: we all tend to caught up in the little things and forget to look at the big picture. I've had no choice but to look at it this year and what I've determined is this: Relationships - TRUE relationships - are what really matter in this world.

As far as I know what people talk about regretting when they're lying on their death beds aren't the jobs they wish they took, or the money they made, but the relationships that they didn't give enough time to, or the failure to show someone how much they loved them.

It is my sincere wish that everyone really stop and take a moment and consider what's most important. True friends and family. Time is all we truly have to give...make sure to give it to those that matter in your life.


  1. Seriously. Totally agree with you. Very important and wise words. Shouldn't take tragedies to make us stop and look up for a minute. Sorry though, for your crazy year. Life can suck. But...you are one huge ball of positive energy, so I am sure you will use these times for good times ahead.


  2. Thanks Gabrielle. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Shit happens! So we move on but not without taking a good look at what truly matters. Appreciate your comment!