Crazy Hot New App!

How lucky am I that I get to go to fabulous events like RE BarCamp and Agent Reboot and meet all the up and coming cool kids with their cool new apps?!!

I was introduced to Shane Mac in Seattle (where all the cool stuff happens ;) and he showed me his sexy, simple and seductive connectivity platform that has multiple applications ESPECIALLY for Realtors!

Let's face it ~ like Gary Vaynerchuck (author of The Thank You Economy and who I just heard speak in Bellingham -WOW but whole other blog)  says...Future of business is going back to small town relationships and that's why apps like Twitter and Facebook are so powerful....helping us to connect in a more personal and meaningful way.  Context vs content and how we share information has become the  focus in the new social economy

Enter Shane's new app Hello There!

Designed specifically for the young professional entering the work force I see multiple uses for this uber sexy platform!

Check it: 
Your own customized landing page with a video message that takes minutes build!  
The options are endless!!

It's like having your own virtual business card with the ability to show your own personality plus have the ability to attach multiple documents like resumes or cover letters or in the case of the REALTOR® Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) or graphs with market stats etc!

In my case I find it incredibly useful as the virtual thank you card especially for my international friends/colleagues and in the future can see using it in my consulting business for quick coaching tips as well as sharing slide presentations from my speaking engagements.

Where it gets CRAZY COOL is the analytics side!  Just like with BBM (Blackberry messaging) you can tell when you're recipient has watched your video! Think of the power and the addictive nature that provides! As a REALTOR® or business operator, you'll know when to follow up with a client in a more timely manner and the soft intro or pitch has already been made! Fabulous!

Price point is totally reasonable ~ unlimited super sleek and sexy personalized webpages for $25/month.  At a time when the consumer is sick to death of being 'sold' and when connectivity and humanizing your brand is the strongest proposition value, Hello There is a powerful tool and in my opinion a no-brainer!  Thanks to Shane for building it :)

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