There's a "T" in the Road

*disclaimer: I wrote this post a while ago and wasn't quite ready to publish as it would affect others but some decisions have been made and now I'm ready to share*

"...all the best laid plans" is what they say.
"It's about the journey, not the destination."
Ok I'll admit it...some days I feel like I don't know WHAT THE HECK I'm doin!!

Ever get to the point when you know its time to make a change....there's all these little signs.  All of your efforts aren't moving you forward?  You lack motivation...your gutt is telling you something just ain't right??  It's time to come clean with yourself.

I've been wrestling with myself... denying the truth with little lies that we tell ourselves when its not convenient to look at reality...dealing with my ego that says:

"Never admit defeat!"

BUT....I'm there.

Do you LOVE what you do?  Are you following your passion?

I have to admit that when I got into Real Estate it was never because I was PASSIONATE about it.  It was always going to be a means to an end...allow me to prove to myself that I am in fact a strong business woman, that I can be a fierce negotiator, that I can be a solid contributor to my family; and still be a fabulous wife and mother (I may be taking a few liberties here ;) ~ we can ask my children later what they really think).

Here's the thing...I've been knocking myself out building the "Ultimate Real Estate career" doing all the brand building and event marketing; speaking and presenting; teaching and consulting...and what have I discovered?

What I REALLY LOVE isn't selling houses.

I am passionate about developing strategy, marketing, digital media, PR, branding, coaching, speaking and project management!  My vision for my partnership was to allow me to do all the things I'm good at, driving in the leads while my partner took on the sales side! It was a beautiful fantasy.  Problem is the partnership was never fully embraced and the investments weren't made and probably, truth be told, just like in my bad marriage where I felt I was trying to fit a round peg into a square hole, I must admit that Real Estate is not the dream career...like a marriage that is over, this partnership must end. 

I just love how Tara Hunt boldly describes "The Unclear Path" in this vulnerable, emotionally charged TEDx Talk...I only wish I was as clear about my vision:

So now its time to be honest and open myself up.  I'm at the "T" intersection.

"T" for Turmoil...



and yes for Teri!

I don't have all the answers...but I know that digging deep for some faith, admitting failure and saying out loud that its time for a change will open up the possibilities.  

So left or right?


  1. Anonymous10.5.11

    Wow! Your passion and courage are truly inspiring!! Giving up something that you've been doing for such a long time, at which you're obviously so good, from which you must make so much money takes REAL grit. I can't imagine walking away from a successful career like that. Of course, I've never been good enough (or passionate enough!!) at anything that people asked me to teach or present on the subject. Bet your partner is kicking herself for not stepping up and making it work!!

  2. Hey Anonomys!
    Thank you so much for your comment ~ I have some pretty great opportunities that have been created precisely because of the risks I've taken with my career so of course, like everything in life...it was totally worth it! I learned a lot about myself, about business and partnerships and the importance of being honest with yourself!
    In respect to my partner ~ He gave it a great shot...we just had different visions. I have found that the trick to discovering what you love and what you're naturally good at it just to try things! And challenging myself has always led to new discovery...wow - I just wrote a whole other blog! hehe Cheers!