Google Plus...What's All The Fuss?

(hehe it rhymed!)

I've already written my initial reaction over at Socialized! where I spoke about the basics like Circles, Sparks and Google Search Power. 

I also made some early predictions about where I see it all going.  This week on twitter I participated in a #GPlusDebate.  I would say its a tad early to be making any crazy predicitons but to sum it up I would say that the overall functionality, freshness and quality of content on G+ is drawing a big crowd.  Do I think that Facebook and/or Twitter will die?  Nope. 

I think there's room for all to play and expect that Facebook will certainly still be huge for brands, 55+ generation, typical family/friends sharing and also small business. 

Jason Falls from Social Media Explorer said it better than I ever could so check out his blog: Reality To Soon Set In On Google+

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