Social Media Week Vancouver ~ What a Week!

Take A Deep Breath!

Ok EXHALE!........It's the Monday after Social Media Week (Sept 19-23, 2011) and I can honestly say I'm still recovering from a brain straining, info jammed, party packed awesome week of sharing, listening and learning from some of Vancouver's top Social Media "Jedi's" (that one is for Eric Weaver and Debra Trappen ;).

During the week there were more than 30 separate events; 72+ keynotes and guest speakers; multiple media mentions; Several different tracks; numerous parties......in other words - More than you could possibly do in 1 Week!!!

The Highlights:
Even as one of the organizers I couldn't possibly hit them all but I had a full week! My fingers were tested as I tweeted madly from the Blogger Summit; Facebook Marketing Strategies; Secrets of a Social Media Campaign; Leading Women in Business; Government 2.0; The Real Estate Summit; and especially the Enterprise 2.0 Summit! In fact I tweeted so much I trended (or rather my twitter handle @TLCHOME trended) in Vancouver! That's a first! I also landed as one of the top Canadian Tweeters during the week!  (to all my followers I hope you found value in my tweets and I didn't completely overtake your streams! We now return to my regular spewing ;) I even made the local news!!! (well sorta ~see story here: http://watch.ctv.ca/news/top-picks/rude-or-normal/#clip534944Rob Cottingham and Shane Gibson Interviews during our Blogging Summit)
My 3 seconds of fame ~ appeared on the screen in the B roll for The Rude of Normal CTV segment

What's Social Media Really About?

So despite all the fabulous attention and raised profile I received during the week...that's really not what it was about.  To me Social Media IS and will ALWAYS BE about building relationships....and not just any relationships, but relationships that matter! SO I have a ton of people I need to thank. 
(There are tons of great recaps out there already; "The Four Lessons I Learned From Social Media Week in Vancouver" on TechVibes by Rolando Fuentes sums it up beautifully! TY!)

First and foremost I need to thank Shane Gibson and Anthony Caridi ~ Cofounders of Socialized! Ltd. for their vision of bringing Social Media Week to Vancouver and for inviting me to be a part of their team.  It's been a crazy ride but I will never forget all the good times, challenges faced and met, and the level of success we achieved together.  You did something great for this city, it was an honor to be involved and I congratulate you on your success! (can't believe we didn't get one picture together!)

I also need to thank ALL of the people who jumped when I asked them to participate!:
  • Matt Astifan ~ You rocked The Facebook Marketing Strategies; The Social Science of B2B and Secrets of a Social Media Campaign sessions! You contributed HUGE value and I am forever grateful for your participation! (Especially on your Birthday!!)
  • Richard Loat Founder of Five Hole For Food ~ Whenever anyone needs anything you always JUMP! Social Good Summit would not have been the same without you! I am hands down your biggest fan (even if you call me 'Mom' ;)
  • Kristine Carrick and Maryanne Lechleiter of UrbanLifeMedia ~ what can I say? Best PR Team EVER! Making phone calls way into the night...scraping info together at the last minute...you generated so many great media stories and interest! You ROCK! Your sponsorship is TRULY valued!
  • Tracy Bymoen  ~ Amazing Video Sponsor! Thank you so much for ALL you captured this week! You are so talented and now we've documented some amazing highlights of the week! Everyone can view many of Tracy's video interviews on her You Tube Channel: MoenbyMedia
  • Mark Smiciklas ~ Thanks so much for your contributions to the Agency Mashup and your awesome Power of Infographics session during our Enterprise 2.0 Summit. Such valuable information!!
  • Dave Teixeira ~ What an amazing job interviewing all levels of governement! I LOVED the 'Donahue' style of your Government 2.0 session! Amazing creative segment with skyped in Icelandic Gov't official and BC Liberals, and Mayor of Coquitlam and even Police Chief Jim Chu which was picked up by CNN! (nice interview Tracy!)
  • Meena Sandhu ~ You were such a huge part of Social Media Week....through contributing your space at the ING Cafe for so many mashups...hosting the Leading Women in Business Mashup and inviting me to participate and for sharing the ING story as a keynote at our Enterprise 2.0 Summit.  You are a force to be reckoned with in this town and I feel so lucky to call you friend!
  • Marc Smith of Amuse Consulting ~ You are such an amazing friend and powerhouse! Can't imagine how we would have functioned without you! Thank you so much for being our Events Sponsor! (and for all the shout outs!)
  • Jill Earthy ~ Thanks for stepping up at the last minute to be an integral member of our CEO panel at Enterprise 2.0
  • Eric Weaver ~ The WEAVE! What can I say....you blew minds with your amazing presentation at Enterprise 2.0! I can't thank you enough for coming "home" from Seattle to share you eloquent wisdom! I'm confident that everyone in that theater left with a far greater understanding of how social should be used in business.  And I LOVE "Salty's" story! ;) I HIGHLY recommend that everyone visits the blog to view the highlights : Where Business Meets Social I am forever your number 1 fan Eric!! xo
  • Jeff Booth ~ Ok this one gets me a little misty (see picture below)  How can I possibly thank you enough for the amazing shout out at Enterprise 2.0!?  Your keynote was so genuine and authentic. Everyone was instantly touched by your level of integrity and your values.  As I was reading the stream I wasn't surprised to see everyone gushing at how inspiring you are....and then you do that!  I can honestly say ~ you are my business hero! I have the hugest level of respect for you and so to know that you place our friendship so high ....well there are not words to describe how special that makes me feel.  Your keynote Where Business Meets Social (like every time I have the opportunity to hear you speak) inspires me to be a better person and reach a little higher! If there's ever ANYTHING I can do for you all you have to do is ask! (Not surprised that we share the same favorite movie: It's A Wonderful Life!)

A Ginormous THANK YOU to Toby Daniels Founder and Executive Director of Social Media Week, Brian Leddy, Ben Sheim,  and Zach Smith! What amazing vision you have to undertake this monstrosity of a project! Kudos to you and everyone at Crowdcentric! Amazing achievement (and they do this bi-annually!!! - next one in February 2012!!)

Thanks to our Advisory Board, all our sponsors 
and thanks to everyone who attended any Social Media Week events this week! 
We could NOT have done any of it without YOU!!

Finally a very special heart felt thank you to my husband Tod Lansing, who supports me in every possible way, allows me the freedom and time to participate in great projects like Social Media Week, and encourages my efforts and growth. Thanks Honey ~ I LOVE you!


  1. Teri - thanks for all that you did for Social Media Week!

    I will also overlook the comparison to Donahue as opposed to current silver haired interviewer Anderson Cooper. :)

    Looking forward to next year.

  2. hehe - Thanks Dave! I had a feeling that would draw some fire! ;)

  3. How are your thumbs doing? I had to take tylenol for my arms after liveblogging all that!

  4. Haha Lorraine! This took some work and I'm exhausted so I can only IMAGINE how you must be feeling! CRAZY!!

  5. Teri - The shout out was WELL DESERVED! It's true. Thanks for your great write up and all your hard work in coordinating social media week. Thanks also for the incredibly kind comment on my blog post....you know the one. By the way...not sure if you got my message....but yes to lunch. Could you give Rona a call to organize. It's a little hectic right now.

  6. Already done Jeff! Lunch Thurs 11:45 at Cactus ;)

  7. Thanks for everything you did, Teri, and for attending both of my participations in Social Media Week. I was exhausted by the time the Blogging Summit was done (and since it was on my birthday, it was rather timely that Social Media Week started on that day).

    You're pure gold, Teri. Never change.

  8. Oh Raul ~ Thank you for your contributions! Social Media Week wouldn't be the same without you of course!! And YES! Happy Birthday!!