What Matters?

Nothing like a disgusting battle with cancer and ultimate early defeat to put things in perspective.

We get so focused on complete ridiculousness, debating whether this presidential candidate is more trustworthy than the next; raising the bar and improving our industry; heads down and convincing ourselves we're doing the work that matters. 

Ultimately its all BS. 

Values; Principles; Legacy.  Love.

At the end of my days I highly doubt I'll remember any of those silly debates that seemed oh so important and fascinating at the time…I revel and indulge in 'ideas' and intellect but really - who gives a f***!

What matters is ~

Did I live well?…

Did I improve the lives of the people around me?
Did I make a difference?
Did I make it easier?
Did they feel loved and appreciated?
Did I make them laugh?
Did they feel supported?
Did I inspire?
Did I serve?
Did I spend more time focused on others?

Did I leave the world a better place?

Pretty sure after I'm gone they won't spend much time thinking about how RIGHT I was on any given subject although I sure seem to spend a lot of time trying to be right. Note to self: Give head a shake!

Let's talk about what matters and screw the rest. Life is short.

RIP Clint.


  1. Suzanne Roy12.12.11

    I wish that this would be tattooed on my body somewhere:

    Did I make a difference?

    Even though I did not know Clint (the closest to knowing him was to have been a "Friend" of his on Facebook for the past year or so), so often it takes a loss to remember the REAL importance in life.

    This would be one of those times.

    If we were to all keep this thought process at top of mind and LIVE it, the entire world would be such a better place.

    But how do we do that?

    By asking ourselves at the end of each day:

    "Did I make a difference?"

  2. LOVE YOU Suz! I didn't know Clint well at all either. That's what's so amazing! He deeply impacted so many of us just by how he fought his battle and chose to live his life. I KNOW he asked himself that question and we owe it to him and everyone who went before him to do the same.

  3. Teri, I am really glad you wrote this. It is a time for reflecting on what is really important. We need constant reminders that most of what we do is trivial. Let's focus on the REAL things today: family, friends, serving others. I know I am better for knowing Clint, even though it was just through some twitter conversations.

  4. Teri, I'm glad you put so much of what I've been thinking into words. Clint Miller had a way of taking some of the simplest of life's moments, and turning them into a laugh, a cry, words of wisdom and openly sharing with so many of us. My fondest memory of him was the day he changed his Twitter handle from his original one, to @TheRealClint. He wanted his tweeps opinion of the new handle. I DM'd him and told him.."if anyone should put "Real" in front of their name..it's you". and you summed it up: Values; Principles; Legacy. Love.

    That was him. Time to put those words into as much action as possible : Thank you once again for putting it out there..

  5. He was a man that touched the lives of so many. Like I said in my blog post this morning on Clint's passing:

    "Take a moment to love those around you. Make memories that will last a life time. None of us are promised tomorrow, so live today as if there is no tomorrow. Love those around you and forgive those that have hurt you. Pick up the phone and reach out to those around you. Forgive. Forget. Live life now."

  6. Anonymous12.12.11

    Great Blog!! Sorry to read/hear that cancer took another great man. F*&k you cancer!! As for making a difference all everyone should do is to try. You have to start there.


  7. @Jeffrey, @Laura @Jeremy @Tod ~ You guys all get it! I can't wait till I get my wordpress up and I can comment directly to each of you...basically ~ Cheers to family and friends and conversations that matter!
    God Bless Clint and his family.
    Cancer bites!

  8. This a great post Teri, thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts. Some one very special to me went through a difficult journey with cancer too and I was there to help make it easier (as much as I could). You are right at the end what REALLY mattered was that our family was together and we were there for him. I hope Clint's family had the opportunity to enjoy time together.

  9. It's sad that it takes something as horrible as death to put life into perspective. Clint left a legacy, one so strong that any of us would be proud to leave behind. The lives that he touched is a testament to our abilities to connect & affect those around us whether that's your next door neighbor, a Facebook friend or someone you've never met before. I too, never had the opportunity to meet him in person but the times I did interact with Clint on twitter were REAL. He was focused on the present & not in a frilly new age kinda way either. Just the simple values in life. He was an inspiration. That's exactly what you brought to our attention today Teri, the essence of what matters most in life, LOVE. For yourself & for others. RIP Clint.

  10. @Karina ~ Sorry to hear you've been touched by Cancer too...who hasn't right? I suppose we have to look at those experiences as little blessings.
    @Carol ~ SUCKS that it takes something so gross to make us stop and take stock. But thank heaven's for our amazing ability to connect and share ideas in a way that would have been impossible before the web. We are lucky that we have the ability to expand our networks and meet extraordinary people like Clint that we otherwise would never had had the chance to know. Love to you sister! xo

  11. Terry,
    Great post.
    I'm guilty.
    I'm so caught up in startup mode keeping the balls up in the air.
    But you're right, people won't remember me for how quickly I return my emails, get my site launched or a proposal written.
    I have to remember to...
    Slow down, take a breath and be grateful.
    Give and inspire,
    Love - all in.
    Love how you always bring it back to what matters babe!
    Andrea xx

  12. Anonymous1.5.12


    I just came across this blog for the first time. I worked with Clint for about two years, and can say with complete honesty that I will never meet a man quite like Clint. He brightened the atmosphere at work every day and kept us in stitches constantly. Even as he fought his battle with cancer, he was the most light-hearted person in the office. He is definitely missed.