Meet Darin Persinger - Coach to the Realtor Stars!

I signed up to attend Agent Reboot Seattle long before I was asked to speak there, and one of the major reasons was so I could meet this guy! Darin Persinger is someone I follow religiously online because he is such a wealth of knowledge - not to mention charisma! He offers valuable content to Realtors previously known as "Productivity Nuggets" and now "Productivity Pearls" - mystery to be revealed in the video! ;)

He mentions a couple of key concepts in building your online presence:
1. Amplify and
2. Echo

He also references a couple of other guys I deeply respect: Mr. Michael McClure of Professional One Brokerage out of Detroit (my co-presenter at Agent Reboot) and Mr. Dale Chumbley - Realtor Extraordinaire from the OTHER Vancouver (Washington) who is becoming quite famous for his "365 things to do in Vancouver WA" FaceBook page! Check them all out and learn from the Masters!

If you have any burning questions for Darin about how to build your presence online - post them here and we'll make sure Darin responds!

(And for fun I've added my fave video of Darin's!  I must admit - I've been guilty of 'no flyers in the flyer box'! I'm a work in progress Darin. :)


  1. Thanks Teri- I had a blast hanging out with you!
    What questions do you all got?!?!!?! I'm here and ready to respond, but you have to tell me what your favorite line for the NO Flyers Song is first!

  2. oops! Sorry Darin ~ just saw this comment today MONTHS after the fact! BAD BAD BAD~

    Hands down best line is: "you must be jokin - nuh uh I ain't jokin...there's no flyers in the flyer box~ that's stupid....that's just dumb..." hahah!!

    Bow to the master!!