Reach Out and TOUCH!

Every once in a while I come across something/someone that inspires me! Just before I went to bed last night I saw this tweet by Internet Marketing genius Lewis Howes:

This led me down a bit of a rabbit hole! Off to http://revolution.is/aj-leon/ where I was introduced to AJ Leon for the first time! A renegade or self prescribed "Nomad"as he refers to himself! His story is awesome....about to marry and settle into a life he truly didn't want (although he was earning 6 figures and promising future) he made the scary choice and walked away from it all! Bold move my friend! 

Of course the story is so inspiring...AJ is living his truth. He's turned off the noise from the rest of the world telling him what success should look like and is pursuing his own path. LOVE IT! 

Well now you've really peaked my curiosity! Have to go find out more about this ballsy kid! So I visit his company site:  Misfit Inc. OMG ~ tell me you're not inspired when you land here!! 

"WE ARE ridiculously despicably dangerously obscenely disgustingly CREATIVE."
How can you NOT be inspired by THAT!??

For someone who is in the process of redefining my mission and getting clear about my message and building a new business focused on telling the good stories and creating buzz online but authentically and in a meaningful, inspiring way, AJ's story and website were a gold mine for me!  Naturally I signed up....for everything I could find! 

Then I went to bed....my mind RACING! Woke up at 2am and HAD to do a massive mind dump! 
Came downstairs this morning to get right to work on all my new ideas and inspiration and found THIS email waiting for me!!

Are you kidding ME???  I signed up for an email newsletter like I have a million times and I got a PERSONAL RESPONSE welcoming me to the Tribe!! That blew my mind! 
I immediately wrote back expressing my true appreciation for the unheard of, never... ever... EVER done, personal response and explained that while I'm in transition my tlchome site is in fact down as I'm building my new one....to which I received yet ANOTHER personal (and immediate) response!

"It takes an enormous amount of time" ~ Ya no kidding! But holy cow is it worth it! Clearly I've discovered some greatness here and that is why I must share it with you!

Live your truth...follow your path....Be good to people....Reach out and touch someone.  IT MATTERS!

Thanks for being the awesome example that you are AJ! I'm watching you closely and can't wait to learn more about your other project: The Pursuit Of Everything. :)


  1. It's stories like this keep me engaged in social media when I start to feel overwhelmed by all the players who forget about the social aspect.

    Thanks for sharing his story Teri!

  2. Teri, thank you so very much for this post. You have seriously just made my day. It's 8PM, and I'm smiling in Amsterdam.

  3. @Sandi ~ I KNOW! Right??? Such an awesome inspiring - had to be told story! Thanks for your comments Sandi!!

  4. @AJ ~ What can I say my friend - YOU are the REAL DEAL! Thrilled to have discovered you and will be in touch for sure! (not in a creepy stalky way ;)

  5. Teri what a find! Love your perspective & truly inspired by the "Nomad". He is the Real Deal & so are you! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Well, don't i now feel awful guilty for now sending anyone a personal message (alas, my subs get dumped into an inglorious MailChimp list). I.will.fix.this.

    And yes I know it's not the point:-)
    On the important stuff - thanks for the intro to A.J. - LOVE the random brilliance of it all:-) Appeals to my anarchistic nature.

  7. @Carol ~ Love back to you! Appreciate your comments, friendship, support and encouragement! ♥

  8. @Inna ~ My FAVORITE Anarchist! You mustn't feel guilty! You are a beacon of light in my life and inspire me in a million other ways with your honesty, brilliance and perspective. We're all good at something! :) xo

  9. Fabulous post... Going to follow AJ immediately!
    Love doing life with you and knowing you TRULY get this quote from above:
    "Live your truth...follow your path....Be good to people....Reach out and touch someone. IT MATTERS!"

  10. Jane Russell20.10.11

    I met AJ and his lovely wife Melissa a couple of years ago and they are both truly awesome people and SO inspiring.

  11. @Debra Learning from the best ;) You live this every day! xo

  12. @ Jane ~ Awesome! Lucky you! Would love to meet IRL ~ that's where the real magic happens :)

  13. Awesome post Teri. That is a deep personal way to connect and will make me change the way I do some things!!

  14. Thanks Jeff! AJ is an awesome example and I LOVE that he has us talking about things that actually matter! Cheers friend!