True Appreciation and Genuine Intent

Wanna know how to get me pumped up? Wanna connect and engage? Then take notes.  I'm about to introduce you to someone who approached me from out of the blue and intrigued, inspired and captivated me from his very first tweet:

What? I'm being offered something by someone I've NEVER engaged with? Normally I would be skeptical...what's the hook? But when he phrases it so lovely and he's clearly taken a moment to determine a little bit about me and read my bio I'm clearly going to respond. He's also instantly made an emotional connection with me when he  lets me know my message resonates with him.  Hmmmm... perhaps we have shared values?

Meet Eric Harr ~ Founder and President of Resonate Social Media and

"...award-winning, traditional PR and communications executive with 10 years of experience—and is widely-recognized as one of the leading social strategists in the world."  

Not to mention a few other minor accolades: triathlete, tv and radio host, and author of the new aforementioned book The Real Truth About Social Media

And he wants me to review his book? Well gee.....Color me flattered!! What the heck just happened here? (review will come shortly! Book is in the mail!!) 

Here's the thing ~ for the second time this week I'm engaging with an extraordinary human being (Read also about AJ Leon in Reach Out and Touch) Eric is someone who I think we'd all aspire to be! Successful in business, appears to have his priorities totally straight and focused on family and friends and lifting up others and he's reached out to ME! 

There are a lot of people that are anti 'Rah Rah' right now....but you tell me if this wouldn't make you feel fabulous! 

You think I am moved to help him? You're darned tootin I am!  And why did it work?  
Wasn't this all just a strategy? Of course that's part of it..but it works because I believe that Eric is genuine. That his intent is to connect on a real level and bolster fabulously rich mutually beneficial relationships.  
I can assure you that I'll be keeping in touch and from everything I've witnessed I'm pretty sure I've been blessed with this new and amazing connection. And what do you suppose is the ROI of that? :)

How are you reaching out or are you? Are you offering real value, or finding a common ground? I've used this quote a million times and I'm going to again: 

Clearly Eric gets this. :)


  1. You are a SUPERSTAR, I keep saying it over and over! Yay Teri!!

  2. Nope! Not a super star ~ That's just it! Just a passionate connector and enjoying all of the amazing relationships we get to experience! But thanks anyways Kath :)

  3. Anonymous24.10.11

    Your passion shines through Teri. When I noticed Eric was chatting with you I sent him a quick message saying something along the lines of "I adore her!"

    He couldn't help but agree that you had an amazing personality. Can't wait to hear what you say about his book :)

  4. Oh my goodness - Thanks Amy! You're so sweet AND I see you're the community manager at Resonate Social! Lucky you!! There's something pretty remarkable happening lately ~ the most AMAZING people keep showing up and I LOVE IT! I would love to hear more about you guys and your company ~ Maybe one day I'll come for a tour! My cousin lives in San Fran ;)
    I sooooo appreciate your comment and this connection!

  5. Fabulous! I look forward to seeing you on Friday... and hearing ALL about this IRL! xo

  6. @Deb ~ It was an amazing week! We have SO much to talk about! #IdeaStorm #retreat A little karaoke is required!