Your Values Reveal Your Truth

This morning's #BrandTribe chat (where we discuss best practices in brand creation and communication every week on Twitter at 9am PST) was extraordinary!  Andrea and I introduced the subject of values and how that relates to your brand.  Apparently talking about values really gets people revved up cause for week 3 we had some huge engagement!

Before we got started I was flagged about Jeff Turner's blog Behavious Is The Truest Form Of Communication and he refers to Marc Davidson's 1000 Watt blog post Who Are You? Jeff and Marc both lead by example and tend to address the tough questions cutting through the crap and getting to the heart of the matter.

Jeff acknowledged many people struggle with identifying their values and suggested that your values aren't just words...you don't just pick some pretty sounding words and post them on the wall.  Our values guide all our decisions and our behaviours reflect them.  Its something more intrinsic and not necessarily always something positive.

Here's the thing....I feel a shift happening. Maybe you do too?  I have tagged it #feeltheshift and I'm starting to see it EVERYWHERE!  The rich conversations have moved away from money and prestige and ego....into far more positive realm...its like we're all starving for more meaning in our lives.  We want to attract people into our world that are more aligned with our values.

For me that means integrity, ethics, having conversations that actually matter and drive to do 'good' like Andrea with her new company Brands For The People.

This is a company I WANT to partner with.  I want to get behind Andrea and promote her to my sphere because I BELIEVE in what she stands for and I BELIEVE she's doing the GOOD work.  Its no cooincidence that we're also friends.  It's her values, vision and principles that draw me to her.

So grab a piece of paper...take some time...go deep....be honest and ask yourself: What do I stand for?  Truly.

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