Spread Awesome!

This past weekend I skipped across the pond to Victoria to partake and moderate a panel in  the 1st 
(I hope will be an annual event) Social Media Camp ~the creation of Chris Burdge Founder of BWest 
 and Paul Holmes President of IdeaZone.  
(Thanks guys - was such an awesome experience! Smooth!) 

Spreading Awesome was my takeaway~ That's exactly what these two do!  Meet Scott Stratten and Julien Smith ~ our keynote speakers at Social Media Camp Victoria 2010.  I had the fabulous priveldge of partying like a rock star with these two amazing guys! (yes I'm a bit of a groupie :)
Scott Stratten has written the book Unmarketing and is now UN-touring all over North America preaching his message of "Stop Marketing and Start Engaging"!  Spread Awesome - in other words Awesome Content!  I got a real kick out of this:

"Social Media has been around for decades....it's called TALKING!"~ Scott Stratten

Hahaha!  I am a true believer of everything Scott preaches - in fact, you'll likely hear me preaching many of the same things in my presentations! (For fun I live U-streamed a portion of his session! You can view here: TLC TV
Scott, me and Julien at tweetup post Social Media Camp!  Fun Day!

Julien Smith co-authored Trust Agents with Chris Brogan (again ~you'll hear me reference in my presentations - yes I did feel like I was meeting my heros!)

Julien spoke about 'The Social Forge' ~ in other words Forge Ahead! He said:

 "I'm a fan of adaptability....How can I try and do that in a new and natural way?" 

He presented the image of an old tree that when enough pressure is applied will now break.  He suggests that as we age we all get far more 'breakable' and so the key is to keep bending - keep pushing ourselves so that when that pressure is applied we can adapt and not break!  "If you just screw around ~ sometimes you can find cool shit." Ain't that the truth!?

" Vulnerable is the new Cool!" ~ Julien Smith

  Love that!  There's hope for us all!  So get out there and go spread some awesome!!  Scott and Julien certainly are!!

PS- Scott Stratten will be in Vancouver on his Untour December 1 - Make sure to get your tix early!!  Thanks to Amuse Consulting; Jordan Consulting and CK Golf Solutions for bringing this great event to our town!!


  1. Anonymous5.10.10

    Teri - wicked summary! So lucky to see these guys speak live. Inspiring.

  2. Thanks so much! We were VERY lucky to hear them live - both such fabulous speakers with oodles of usable gems! Thanks for you comment!

  3. Great update! I'm so excited about the UnBook YVR event on Dec. 1!! Looking forward to seeing you there ;-)

  4. Hey Sandi! Will see you at UnBook YVR fo sho!! Wouldn't miss it!