Just Keep Going!

My friend Scott Stratten (Mr. UnMarketing himself ~ who I met at Social Media Camp in Victoria in October) gave this amazingly powerful talk at TEDx in Oakville.  There seems to be a movement brewing and this 'idea worth spreading' is incredibly familiar to my last post: Step Back From the Baggage Claim

I had a workaholic father who I never saw ~ and I remember telling myself I will never put work ahead of my family which is why I was a stay-at-home mom for many years.  It was less than ideal...because I was at home, we had far less money, and so fewer opportunities and had to say 'no' to our kids quite regularly, but I always believed that being 'available' was far more important than anything money could buy.

As a divorcee I of course had no choice but to get to work....my children were older and I felt like I had sacrificed a great deal to be there for them when they were young and that the foundation had been set....and so I ventured off into the world of career.

Jump ahead to today and I have fallen prey to the lure of 'being a big deal' and the pursuit of more and more and more money - always trying to build something bigger and better ...BUT ~ I regularly

Step Back
Turn off
Tune In

Its so important to remind myself that None of it means a thing without the people I care about and who care about me.

That's the way I see it.  Thanks Scott for the deeply personal reminder....and by the way ~ I think you ARE a big deal!

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