Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Hey there, hi there, ho there! 

I want to take this opportunity to invite you to join our Fraser Valley Social Media Meetup that is taking the Valley by storm!  I founded this group with the intention to build our business relationships in the valley and offer truly valuable high level learning in all realms including Social Media, Business and Marketing.  We also focus strongly on the 'Social' side of things and encourage the networking and enjoying each other's company!!

We only just launched in April of this year but we've already had so many fabulous meetups and we've grown to over 200 members (or Socialites ;)

Guest presenters have included:
1. Stephen Jagger - owner of Ubertor/Reached/ and OutsourcingThings.com
2. Kye Grace - partner at Debruyn Design
3. Rich Patterson - owner of Big Coast Brands
4. Roy Osing - Author of Be Different or Be Dead
and this month I'm happy to announce that Shane Gibson - Co-author of Sociable and his newest book with Jay Conrad Levinson Guerrilla Social Media Marketing

We hold monthly meetings every 3rd Thursday at 7pm at Agave Grill in Langley on 200th Street. (this month is the exception - we'll be meeting on Wednesday, October 20th to accomodate our presenter who has to jet set off for some out of town meetings on our usual meetup date). 

May I offer some tips on how to get the most out of our meetups?

1.  Sign up!
2.  Post a picture and a brief profile!!  This allows us all to know who you are and give us the chance to recognize you in person.  Additionally I may notice that you work in an industry that I may require - who knows where the business will potentially come from!
3. Leave your sales speak at the door!  This group is meant to form relationships organically...that means you'll probably have to come back for more than one meetup because it takes a little time to build genuine relationships!
4. You can add the Meetup app on your iphone and check in to let your social network know where you are and you can even upload pictures on site to our meetup group with Snapup!
4. Stick around AFTER the presentations!  There is HUGE value in the networking and socializing!  

As we grow we may offer more events in between - that will all depend on what YOU want!  I love hosting these meetups - we've met so many fabulous people!  I just KNEW there were great people in the Valley - we just needed a way to connect! 

So join up and please spread the word to anyone you think may be appreciate this opportunity!



  1. Hey Teri, spot on with #3 & #4 - really believe in this.

    Along with leaving the sales speak at the door, I recommend practicing "Seek First To Add Value, Then To Be Added To" (a twist on Stephen Covey's 'Seek First To Understand, Before Being Understood'). During your conversations at the Meetups, consider what one thing, concept, strategy, technique, recipe, formula, or person you can share to enhance this person's personal/business life?

    Karma works, and it'll come back to bless you in more ways than one, and you'll be amazed at the compound returns you'll achieve practicing this.

    Adding to #4, I find almost all of my value in relationships networked before and after the main speaking event/s. I've found JV partners, vendor partners, new customers, new subscribers and more from networking, and practicing what I shared above.

    Good on ya, Teri, for sharing your passion and being the 'hostess of the mostest'!! Appreciate U!


    Sherman Hu

  2. Thanks for your awesome input Sherman! I love Stephen Covey too! I think the trick is to be truly, genuinely interested in others or it just is another tactic. I think we're building quite the little 'Tribe'!

  3. Great tips and another great event coming up on Oct 20th from the Terribly Terrific Teri.

  4. Thanks Pasquale! Sure appreciate your support and interest!