...and the wheels on the bus go round and round.

I love this video!  You may have seen it before, but its so powerful and illustrates so beautifully why you must embrace the New World of Social Media!

I've built my entire business around this form of marketing!  The old school ways of marketing are dying a slow death.  Will there always be commercials and print ads - oh sure of course.  But think about it...how do you do your shopping as a consumer?  Most of us begin our search online these days.  We're savvy and shop around, do some research and cannot be fooled into throwing our money away and then usually buy from someone we either know of feel we know.

We're much more inclined to do our business with someone we've built a relationship with or feel a connection to, so building your brand online has never been more important.

I LOVE social media because....well - It's SOCIAL!  The age of competition is edging out while the new age of cooperation is rolling in.  Your clients/customers won't tolerate a 'gate-keeper' style of information collection any longer. They'll do business with you BECAUSE you generously share it and become a source of value.

If you would like to know more about how you can build your brand online utilizing social media,  I can help!  Ask me your questions!

Just found this new video! Get on the bus people!

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  1. Hate that the video won't fit the page - to see better click directly on the video and will take you to watch on YouTube!