The Power of Personality

One thing I've learned about being a blogger on a building materials site:  I'm not really writing about building materials.
Well, I sort of am.
In the spirit of creating themed content for a building materials site, I actually do write about wood flooring, for instance.  I talk about the different kinds of wood floors there are, and about how to install them, and take care of them.  I talk about color ranges, and grain patterns, too.  I talk about durability and longevity.

But, beneath that surface, what I'm really talking about is personality.  That's what people really care about. 
All of those other things are just a means to that end.  The means is the kind of building materials I'm talking about within a blog post, or an article, or even a tweet on Twitter.  But, the end is all about taking a space, and taking material objects within that space, and turning it into something that isn't material - home.

This dovetails quite nicely into the world of selling a home, or buying one.  It's not the flooring, the framing, the natural stone tile in the bathroom, the granite or marble countertops that you're looking for in a new home. Those things aren't even the point when you're renovating your current home with an eye to sell it.
It's about taking that space and transforming it, making it into a place that has the mark of - that word again -  personality.  And when you're looking for a new place to live, it's that personality that you're really attracted to.  The surfaces, the colors, the overall look of a place is just the way that personality is expressed, through the eye, and with the care, of a homeowner who is like you or somehow complements the way you feel most comfortable in a space.
So, when writing about building materials, and when our company sells them, it's understood that what we're actually dealing in is opportunities for people to express their personalities, their taste, their sense of what comfort is, to other people.  And when they have a handle on what it is that they're really buying, then building materials become more than just commodities.
They become a means to create art with their own personalities at the very center of it.  That's what makes a home.  And that's what helps you sell one, too.
Rob Jones is a blogger and social media enthusiast who works for online building materials innovators BuildDirect in the marketing department.  Apart from writing the BuildDirect building materials blog and green blog, he is a dad of a 4 year old, and is a fan of pop music and jazz about which he also blogs.  He lives in New Westminster, B.C.


  1. Thanks for this awesome contribution Rob! I love your personality! :)

  2. Great post Rob! As a home stager, I tend to downplay "personality" as a description because we want to appeal widely to potential buyers. But, the style, feel and flow of a space do make up its personality. Well said.

  3. Thanks, guys. Being something of a social media junkie, like yourselves, my point of view tends to coalesce around making connections between people. Every blogger needs a 'hook' as it were. And drawing the purchase of a home, or in the buying of building materials, into this greater theme is actually a pretty natural thing to do - lucky for me!

    Thanks for comments!

  4. Anonymous19.2.10

    Great post!! I think bringing personality into everything as a blogger is important. I've even seen tax blogs that are fun to read because of the personality and who really wants to read about taxes?!!