Social Media Guru Guy Kawasaki and ME!

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Guy is a hero for most of us in the social media community He's most known for being one of the original employees working for Apple who marketed the MAC! He's also cheif aggregator at ALLTOP (a collection of all the top stories on line where I spend a lot of time) :http://alltop.com/

He is in town for the Olympics and was generous enough with his time to come give us a quick visit at our Hockey Tweetup! What a treat!
(This photo is where I'm explaining how incredibly important I am in this town - hehe)


  1. Thanks to my buddy Kemp Edmonds for snapping the winning shot!

  2. What a great opportunity to meet a web innovator like Guy. Our own Rob Banks here at BuildDirect got a chance to do the same, and it was a pleasant surprise to learn what a massive hockey fan Guy is. He's certainly in the right country for that. And with the first win of the US hockey team against Canada since 1960, he lucked out there too (even if we didn't!).

    Thanks for the post!

  3. It was quite a thrill! We can all learn a great deal from Guy - hey Rob?!!

  4. Anonymous22.2.10

    Wow - that is so cool!! I am so impressed that you got to meet him!! I've been reading his stuff FOREVER!!

    I can't wait to get off the island and partake in these festivities. I feel like I am missing out so much. Watch out Vancouver I am back in town on Wednesday!!!

  5. Oh it is sooo much fun Julie! Sometimes I feel too far away in Langley! hehe! We'll be glad to have you back!
    Cheers and thanks for the comment!