I've stumbled upon an online network that 'connects homeowners with house experts'. A collection of everything to do with owning a home from buying to staging to renovating!

The site claims to prescreen all of their experts and after you fill out a few questions, they will match you to your qualified expert in your area - a sort of online dating if you will.


Very curious to see if this becomes a useful tool for my clients and for me...yet to be determined...let me know what you think!


  1. I have heard of similar websites but not this one specifically, I think for the right business this type of service could really work. Do you know anyone that uses it ?

  2. It's brand new and they're reaching out via email invites and promos. I don't actually know anyone using it yet but the plus side so far is its free for you as an expert to sign up - so that's positive! If you try it out keep me posted on any success or lack you experience please!

  3. Anonymous21.1.12

    I came across a similar one called Best Biddy. Anyone used this?

  4. Anonymous1.9.12

    I used Best biddy as a consumer. It's an interesting concept. You have to be near a major city though to get good responses.