Social Media is NOT Tree Hugging!

 Thanks to Jason Keath of Social Fresh for sharing this video of Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer

SoFresh Nashville - Jason Falls Recap from jason keath on Vimeo.

So I love how Jason Falls refers to the Social Media Purists as "tree huggers who hold hands and sing Kumbaya! Too funny, but he makes such a valid point!  If you aren't making money then Social Media is just a hobby!

The ever lasting question always comes back to ROI and monetizing.  If you aren't generating business then what the heck are you doing?

There are sooooo many social media evangalists out there right now - how the heck do you weed through all the information and hype?

I say find some local experts that you trust who you can engage in conversations with you who have a background in marketing and understand the fundamentals of tracking and hitting target audience; sociology and behaviour marketing as well as conversational marketing strategy.

The GREAT thing about Social Media is it attracts experts and newbies together to share information but bottom line is building relationships/brand awareness and generating business!  Stop huggin those trees!


  1. The big secret is that Jason IS a tree hugger. He is just in huge denial. Shhh.

  2. AHA! I thought something seemed fishy! ;)(and yes you can comment on blogger!)

  3. For me, tying social media to hard numbers isn't really the point. But, ROI is important. It just depends on what your definition of 'I' is. To me, time invested in strengthening relationships with likeminded people in complementary (or even competitive) industries is definitely worth it.

    Promoting transparency, accountability, and better B2B and B2B communications in business are also extremely important in making commerce a more straightforward experience for everyone involved. Making business more accessible, and more interactive too helps to gain trust between all parties involved and to increase potential sales. People do business with those they trust. Building that trust is no silver bullet. It takes dedication. This isn't singing Kumbaya - it's hard work. And it's worth doing.

    Thanks for the post!

  4. Love your comment Rob! You're right - building relationships is hugely valuable! In the end you choose to give your business to the ones you know and trust and who you feel value you!

    I think though that some people do get side tracked just yacking all day and not really ever developing any solid strategy for brand management.

  5. True, enough Teri. I do think that you have to decide what it is you're going to say or what you're about, even just in general, on social media platforms. I think the most effective social media users are those who have a common thread that runs through all of their activity - to be useful, to be personable, to be generous when it comes to sharing content that isn't about them - these are good places to start. This is true because I think this is the kind of thinking that comes from a marketing vantage point, as well as a personal one.

    Marketing and branding don't have to be dirty words, or held in opposition to being 'real' or 'about the conversation'. In effect, marketing is about seeing a need and communicating solutions (or paths to solutions) that are accessible to others. That's real, and conversational, just as much as it is about promoting products or services that people are legitimately looking for.

    Social media is basically showing that there doesn't have to be a necessary division. And this is what makes it so revolutionary.

  6. Hey Teri-Lyn,
    Like your blog...... I'm "NOT" a social media expert but I do know that social media is just another communication channel that should be part of your overall communications approach to selling your business. It's just a way to get your message out, build brand awareness, build and sustain relationships and engage in reciprocal conversations. To me, the investment in ROI is "time spent" doing the activity ----- you can definitely track where the interest in your services comes from -- which communications channel. Just my random thoughts but I liked your post.... I guess that was my point!! I just ramble sometimes!! :)

  7. Hey thanks for your comment Jeff! (and I ramble all the time!) Everybody seems to have a different take on what ROI actually is. Many define ROI as dollars and cents, but many of us I think see the value in the relationships although may be a little more difficult to track.
    I interviewed today to teach a course for a provincial program and I said precisely that - Social Media is meant to be engagement and conversation. (so thanks so much for your comment!!)